Grow your business by connecting with new followers and building relationships with your customers

We offer various social media marketing services so you can keep your online presence active and up to date while you focus on your business!

Social Media Profile Set Up


One time fee

Internet presence for your business is a necessity these days. By having an informative and personalized social media page you can be unlocking potential growth by reaching a new audience.

If you are unfamiliar or just don’t have the time to get started on social media, I can set up your business profile on a variety of media platforms. Bring brand awareness to your business and better connect with your customers by joining social networks!

Social Media AD Management


Per ad campaign

The world of paid ads on social media is an ever-changing whirlwind. Creative caption strategies and eye catching design are just the beginning of running a successful paid ad campaign. What you need is an expert with years of training, certification, and an understanding of what makes great content. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s talk!

• Free consultation and profile evaluation

• Strategy planning

• Ad design and set up

• Ad management of one ad per month

• Custom audience creation and targeting

• Monthly analytics report

• (Does not include cost of advertisement. Budget TBD.)

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Social Media Page Management

Packages start at $360

Per month

All our social media packages include a free 1 hour consultation, profile evaluation,  strategy planning, daily logins & interaction with followers, paid ads, and custom content. Dive deeper into our packages to take advantage of things like page analytics, content calendars, unlimited posts and advanced ad management.


The Mars Package

This is the starter package to help build your presence on social media with the use of content marketing, and entry level paid ads for reach and engagement.

The Neptune Package

This is the package for those who are looking for paid ad driven results. With advanced ads you get higher budget paid ads with more conversion options.

The Saturn Package

This package offers unlimited posts, so you can can stay consistent with your content marketing, allowing for more organic reach, with page analytics to track results. As well as entry level paid ads.

The Jupiter Package

This is the largest package, offering unlimited posts and advanced ads. With this you can take advantage of content marketing, advanced paid ads, and track page analytics.

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“Be Your Brand” Coaching Program


For 30 days

What does it mean to “be your brand”? It’s the answer to increasing engagement, reaching new customers, and building a reputable, trustworthy social media presence.

If you’ve been struggling to understand certain aspects of social media, marketing, or just need to kick start your strategy, I will walk you through the proven strategies that will help you grow on social media. And not only that, you get a 1-on-1 experience to pick my brain and ask me anything!

What you get:

• Monthly 1-on-1 custom training sessions
[Learn about content strategies, reach & follower growth, algorithms, resources, ad campaigns + more] 

• Custom strategy planning and brand audit

• Accountability check ins, “homework” and Q&A via email

• Notes from each session for you to refer back to

• VIP access to Facebook group “Be your brand! Marketing + strategy coaching” and Be Your Brand E-Book

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